The group’s main objective was:

    To promote an understanding of the interactions between air, land, water, flora and fauna. To focus on the ecological processes and our natural resources.

Other objectives included:

  1. Fostering coordination and cooperation between all users of the community in the sustainable management of our natural resources.
  2. To promote a coordinated, regional approach to the sustainable management of our natural resources.
  3. Identify and prioritise natural resource management issues in the region.
  4. Develop and support solutions to prioritised NRM issues through community participation.
  5. Support existing and develop new community education initiatives for the sustainable management of NRM and promote, support and initiate on-ground actions leading to improved sustainable management and appreciation of the natural resources.


CDTLI’s objectives have resulted in a collective consciousness being formed within the community, which is devoted to helping and promoting the environment. CDTLI has over 100 members including dedicated on-ground site volunteers and office-based volunteers. Site volunteers prepare and maintain different sites in Townsville, all under the management of the CDTLI Board and their Community Revegetation Coordinator, and with the proud support of Townsville City Council. CDTLI plants only native species and, as such, creates new habitats for local wildlife and little pockets of biodiversity all around Townsville. CDTLI is also infamous for their vengeance on weeds, which choke our natural ecosystem. We will stop at nothing to rid our beautiful surroundings of them.

CDTLI members are an enthusiastic bunch who rush out there and plant just before the wet season to promote optimal growth. They don the waders and chemical spray packs just at the end of the wet season, eagerly awaiting the first weeds and they pull out the heavy artillery and create firebreaks at the beginning of the dry season, all in a passionate zest for our environment.

CDTLI also partners with other organisations and community groups to increase our impact on environmental rehabilitation.Through education and promotion, CDTLI volunteers continue to ensure the wellbeing of Townsville’s natural resources, allowing them to exist for many years to come.

CDTLI Governance

CDTLI is governed by a Management Committee (Board) made up of volunteers dedicated to ensuring that on-ground activities and other valuable Landcare work continues to progress. Everyone on the committee works together and is committed to ensuring that CDTLI runs smoothly and effectively. The Board also provides direction to the Community Revegetation Coordinator.

The Board meets monthly to discuss finances, agree on future events, review grant opportunities and review / plan work at revegetation sites.

Not-for-profit organisation

CDTLI is a not-for-profit organisation and all donations and membership fees, as well as profits from the sale of our publications, go directly towards supporting our ongoing conservation activities in the Townsville region.

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