Mundy Creek


Our goal is to regenerate, revitalize, protect, and maintain the ecological and cultural values of Mundy Creek and the Nature-way.

This is a multi-disciplinary (arts, environment and cultural heritage), site-specific, community initiative project. To read our Riparian Management Plan (2012-13) and our (concept) Cultural Tourism (2014) development plans go to:

The project area:
– lies between Dearness St, Garbutt and south of the Airport / Old Common Road.
– includes the waterways and the land on both sides of the creek
– is currently degraded and (in the past) neglected, despite being a major pedestrian and recreational site used by residents and visitors of the area.
– has expansive views to the surrounding ranges and the adjacent grassland is an endangered, ecologically significant area.

Wetlands such as Mundy Creek and our new Bohle Wetlands site are important to maintain due to the many roles they play in our ecosystem. Click HERE to find out more about wetlands.

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