Local Seed Collecting

Bush Garden Nursery

The nursery supplies all the plants for CDTLI revegetation projects. Any assistance with seed collecting is greatly appreciated!

Please see the Seed Collection Diary for information about plant species that we require.

The Diary can be downloaded here. Please use the Diary for recording purposes.

A few points to remember:

  • All seed MUST be sourced locally
  • Seed collection from a National Park or Forest/Nature Reserve requires a permit
  • Do not take more than 10% of seed from a single specimen
  • Correctly identify the plant
  • Ensure seed is mature
  • Label storage bags with plant name, date and collection location

We have permission from Townsville City Council to collect seed from council land. CDTLI Seed permission letter

For further information and references for identification, collection, preparation and storage, please see the following publications:

The Burdekin Delta Tree Guide, by Dr. Greg Calvert (Available at Mary Who? Bookshop, Flinders St, Townsville or from Lower Burdekin Landcare Association)

Coastal Plants of the Burdekin Dry Tropics (Available from the CVA/CDTLI office or NQ Dry Tropics office)

Plant Species for Revegetation in the Townsville Thuringowa Region (2nd Edn) (Available at the CVA/CDTLI office)

From Seeds to Success – A Bush Regeneration Manual for Townsville, Thuringowa and the Burdekin (Available from the CVA/CDTLI office or Publications)

Great resources for guidelines on seed collecting can also be viewed at:





Collected seed can be delivered to our office at:

Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre, 56 Cape Pallarenda Rd, Rowes Bay QLD 4810

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