Turtle Bridge Landcare

This site is located on the south bank of the Ross River just downstream of the Nathan Street bridge. It is accessible via the riverside pathway or via the Palmetum Botanic Gardens or a short walk from Marabou Drive.

History of this site

Turtle Bridge Landcare site was launched on National Tree Day 2010, with an event sponsored by Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology. Staff and families planted 1,050 locally-native trees in the lower riverbank areas.

The site has progressed well thanks to energetic and dedicated volunteers who tended the newly-planted trees, added more trees and native under-story plants, and continued the battle against invasive weeds.

After five years, the native tree canopy was well-established with many trees fruiting and natural regeneration underway. Now, 10 years from launching, the restored natural vegetation at Turtle Bridge provides food and shelter for many wildlife species, and offers a shady, serene natural amenity for the Townsville community.

Current work

Volunteer revegetation at this site has been extremely successful and the established native trees are now largely self-sustaining. CDTLI volunteers regularly monitor the site and conduct working bees to weed and replant where necessary.

For more information about this project, please contact us.