Bush Garden Trail

The “Bush Garden” is a beautiful restored riverside forest along the Ross River in Mundingburra, Townsville. To visit the Bush Garden, drive to the end of Thompson Street or the end of O’Reilly Street.

At the Bush Garden you can stroll along the shady paths, spot native birds, enjoy river views and discover a fascinating variety of native trees and other points of interest. These are marked by new numbered posts with QR codes, installed in April 2021 by CDTLI with support from Townsville City Council.

As you explore this area, you can scan each QR code with your phone to see detailed information. You can also download a Bush Garden Trail flyer and select information sheets from the list below.

1: Eucalyptus platyphylla – Poplar Gum
2: Brachychiton australis – Bottle Tree
3: Corymbia tessellaris – Moreton Bay Ash
4: Lysiphyllum hookeri – Hooker’s Bauhinia
5: Sterculia quadrifida – Peanut Tree
6: Bombax ceiba – Silk-Cotton Tree
7: Glochidion philippicum – Daintree Cheese Tree
8: Alphitonia petriei – Pink Ash
9: Euroschinus falcatus – Ribbonwood
10: Ficus opposita – Sandpaper Fig
11: Bush Garden Nursery
12: Clerodendrum floribundum – Lolly Bush
13: Macaranga tanarius – Heart Leaf
14: Cochlospermum gillivraei – Native Kapok Tree
15: Erythrina vespertilio – Bat Wing Coral Tree
16: Corymbia tessellaris – Moreton Bay Ash
17: Weir Planting
18: Native and Introduced Water Plants
19: Melaleuca leucadendra – Weeping Paperbark
20: Mangifera indica – Mango Tree
21: Glochidion philippicum – Daintree Cheese Tree
22: Eucalyptus tereticornis – Queensland Blue Gum
23: Nauclea orientalis – Leichhardt Tree
24: Baza Island
25: Pandanus cookii – Screw Palm
26: Terminalia muelleri – Mueller’s Damson
27: Macaranga tanarius – Heart Leaf
28: Ficus racemosa – Cluster Fig
29: Cordia dichotoma – Glue Berry
30: Morinda citrifolia – Smelly Cheesefruit
31: Native grasses

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