Bohle Wetlands Landcare Site

Bohle Wetlands Landcare site

The Bohle Wetlands Landcare site is located at the end of Mesa Circuit, adjacent to the Cosgrove Estate and the Bohle River. It is upstream from the Woolcock St bridge and is part of a much larger wetland system. This area is home to many native plant and animal species and an important part of the local ecosystem. Invasive weeds have infested the area and this negatively affects the local biodiversity.

History of site

There have been many groups who have worked at our current site over the years with a focus on removing invasive weeds and planting native trees to bring it back to its natural state. These include local scout groups, the Parkside Group, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), Townsville City Council (TCC), TAFE groups and local residents who spend many hours of their own time helping work on the site. There have been prior revegetation works undertaken, however it requires constant work to keep the invasive weeds at bay and the area was overgrown until recently.

Current works

Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc. recently secured a National Landcare Program Environment Small Grant to undertake invasive weed work on a 12.9 hectare site. This was complemented by the planting of 500 native trees endemic to the site. Monthly volunteer days have helped remove large swathes of Leucaena, Chinee Apple and other weeds to enable a suitable site for revegetation to occur. Crews from CVA have also helped in the weed removal and tree planting preparation. We are currently undertaking a watering regime to ensure that the new plantings survive until the wet season. Weeding work is also occurring in the revegetated area to help ensure their survival. The Parkside Group have installed a path around the main site and two bench seats for locals to enjoy the vista.

Future Works

Monthly volunteers site days will continue into 2020 and beyond, with a core group of dedicated volunteers and sponsorship from the Parkside Group ensuring the sites success into the future. We hope to continue our weed removal work further upstream at the site and maintain our current site. An extension of the path to link with the Cosgrove Estate footpath is also on the agenda.


Our current partners on the project include Parkside Group, CVA, TCC, TAFE, local scout groups and the wonderful community volunteers. Feel free to contact the Project Officer for any further information on the project.

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