Goondaloo Creek


Goondaloo Creek lies adjacent to the Palliative Care Centre at the Townsville Hospital, Douglas, and has been built with a true sense of community spirit, with funds for construction raised by the Queensland Cancer Council. Various community groups were consulted by Queensland Health during construction to help revegetate the creek area adjacent to the centre. CDTLI heeded this call and, in true community spirit, held a revegetation day in January 2010, with volunteers from CVA, JCU and the hospital participating. On this day 50 trees were planted and weeds were removed. Following this day, CDTLI decided to hold regular monthly working bees at this site to continue the work to improve the amenity of the area for the residents of the centre. The first official revegetation open day was held on the 28 August 2010. Weed control continued, with a focus on Leucaena and Chinee apple, and a dozen plants were also planted along the creek bank. The aim of revegetating this area is to remove and control weeds, establish native plant species, control erosion, improve water quality and attract wildlife, as well as improving the scenic quality for the Centre residents.

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