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Aquatic weeds in the Ross River

Sagittaria/Delta Arrowhead (Sagittaria platyphylla) is a recent arrival to the Ross River, first found here in 2012. It is currently under a containment program in attempt to eradicate it from the river before it spreads throughout the region. Sagittaria is a highly invasive aquatic weed that can choke shallow waterways, including irrigation channels, blocking the […]

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Water chestnuts at Wongaloo

 • Guest post by Carolyn Osterhaus • I had heard about the Wongaloo wetlands from the Birdlife Townsville people. I also found out, to my chagrin, you can only go there on a tour. How serendipitous that the celebration of National Landcare Week in September included a bus tour to just this spot. The Wongaloo […]