Bush Garden


Ross River Bush Garden is one of Townsville’s oldest community revegetation sites and incorporates open riparian forest, vine thicket, eucalypt woodland, wetlands, open grasslands, as well as the man-made Baza Island – a valuable, predator-free habitat for wildlife.

The Bush Garden project was commenced in 1994 by the Tropical Urban Production and Landcare Group (now CDTLI) to re-establish and protect local native plants, provide habitat for native animals, protect the banks of Ross River, provide shade and amenity for the community and to empower residents in caring for their local environment. The site has also proved valuable to the Townsville Regional Bird Observers Club who have been collecting bird sighting data here since 1994.

Prior to restoration, the site had suffered from extensive tree clearing, fire damage, weed invasion and sand mining. The 5.5 ha site is an excellent example of dry tropical habitat and demonstrates the success of community involvement in the restoration of an area. The Bush Garden is now managed by CDTLI, the local community and Townsville City Council.

An interpretation trail runs through the Bush Garden providing information about the site’s native plant species. The Ross River Bush Garden Interpretive Trail pamphlet is available at the Landcare Centre or can be downloaded here.

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