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Nanette Hooker

Native Grasses for  Revegetation  in the Townsville Region

22 pages, A4 format download for free

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The  grass  family  (Poaceae)  are  one  of  the  largest  and  most  cosmopolitan  of  the  flowering  plant families of the world comprising of more than 10,000 species.  Grasses are found almost everywhere (even  Antarctica).    They  are  adapted  to  a  wide  range  of  climatic  and  soil  conditions,  and  grow  in habitats  ranging  from  deserts  to  freshwater  and  marine  environments.    Grasses  form  a  major component of many vegetation communities, e.g. grasslands, steppe, prairie and savannas.

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Rare and threatened plants of the Townsville Thuringowa Region.

Calvert G., Lokkers C., Cumming R. (2005) Rare and threatened plants of the Townsville Thuringowa Region.

Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc., Townsville.

56 pages, A4 format $15.00.

This colorful and informative book is a guide to the 40 rare and threatened plants in the Townsville–Thuringowa region in north-east Queensland. Each species is protected under state or Commonwealth environmental laws because of their rarity and/or vulnerability to extinction. Plants in the book vary from tiny rainforest filmy ferns, to orchids, shrubs and eucalypts. For each species, the book provides a detailed description, protected status under Commonwealth and State legislation, distribution, habitat, ecology, potential threats and conservation measures, as well as photographs illustrating key features. Many of these species are unique to this region, and, as such, comprise an important part of the natural heritage of this area.


 From Seeds to Success—a bush regeneration manual for Townsville, Thuringowa and the Burdekin.

Cullen K., Herse K., Mangru S. (2003) From Seeds to Success—a bush regeneration manual for Townsville, Thuringowa and the Burdekin.

Tropical Urban Production and Landcare Group (TUPALG).

56 pages, A4 format $15.00.

This book was produced specifically for this region, providing a practical manual for revegetation and land management. It provides essential background information and practical guidelines for maintaining and restoring native plant and animal communities of the Townsville Plains sub-region of the extensive Brigalow Belt Bioregion. From Seeds to Success has a straightforward, easy-to-read style. Its openly spaced text in A4 format, makes frequent use of a dot-point layout, and is illustrated with simple line drawings, scattered black-and-white photographs, and four pages of colour photographs.

Snakes of the Townsville Region

Calvert G. (1998) Snakes of the Townsville Region.

Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc., Townsville.

A2 poster $2.00.

This large poster covers 16 snakes (including 1 legless lizard) that can be found in the Townsville region. Most of the snakes depicted on this poster can be found in a wide area, and this poster is being used in Mackay, Mt Isa and Cairns. Showing colour variations usually found in this region is a welcome relief for people attempting to identify snakes, since most books show colour variations only found in southern states. This poster is already distributed in hospitals, ambulance, police stations, mine sites and other industries that have frequent contact with snakes. The photographs are very clear and detailed, with a short, easy to read paragraph that answers the most commonly asked questions about the particular species.

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